Our custom service includes the following:

1. We provide all literature for schools & clubs to send out to their pupils and players.

2. We arrange a date and time for one (or more) of our dental teams to attend the school/club to take impressions of those requesting mouthguards. All of our dentists are fully qualified dental surgeons in the UK and we have vetted their qualifications and credentials.

3. All orders are sent directly to us, and we collate them all. We then give the school/club a list of all those replying. Our schools can also access these lists from our dedicated (and password protected!) school web page.

4. When our dental team visits the school, they will take impressions of the pupils who have ordered mouthguards, taking into consideration all factors that can affect the fit of the mouthguard, such as tooth development, orthodontic braces etc.

5. The impressions are then brought back to our central dental laboratory in Hertfordshire. The impressions are cast in plaster and then mouthguards are individually made for each person, in their own choice of design and colour(s).

6. Finally, the completed mouthguards are returned to the school/club for collection by the pupils/players.